Saturday, 6 July 2013

Les Gold For What It’s Worth Review

If your desire is to become successful in business and maximize your earnings, one of the things that can tremendously help you out is learning from experienced and successful business men and women who've walked the path and are willing to share their secrets of success.

Les Gold's For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker is an inspiring and interesting presentation of the owner of Detroit's biggest pawnshop, "American Jewelry And Loan." and he has been in the business for a large number of years.

Les Gold For What It’s Worth Review

For What It’s Worth will provide you with valuable lessons about business from Les Gold's vast years of experience as a business owner, leader and family man. Les Gold began learning business from a very young age. He first started out by selling used golf clubs, then started his pawnshop which he has been running successfully many years.

In his book, Les teaches us incredible strategies we can use for buying, selling, negotiating and much more. You'll learn how to deal with customers of all kinds, advertising strategies and making deals correctly to always come out a winner. You'll also learn various techniques to handle business situations such as when to use emotions and when to avoid it, judging customers, taking risks, and communicating with employees.

Les Gold shares lessons of 55 years of experience with his readers in this book and dealing with over 250 customers every hour.

I searched but could not find any negative feedback from people that bought this book. Therefore, I can only recommend getting this book for insights and ideas regarding business, especially if you work in a similar profession such as a pawnshop or retail store.

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