Saturday, 6 July 2013

Les Gold For What It’s Worth Review

If your desire is to become successful in business and maximize your earnings, one of the things that can tremendously help you out is learning from experienced and successful business men and women who've walked the path and are willing to share their secrets of success.

Les Gold's For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker is an inspiring and interesting presentation of the owner of Detroit's biggest pawnshop, "American Jewelry And Loan." and he has been in the business for a large number of years.

Les Gold For What It’s Worth Review

For What It’s Worth will provide you with valuable lessons about business from Les Gold's vast years of experience as a business owner, leader and family man. Les Gold began learning business from a very young age. He first started out by selling used golf clubs, then started his pawnshop which he has been running successfully many years.

In his book, Les teaches us incredible strategies we can use for buying, selling, negotiating and much more. You'll learn how to deal with customers of all kinds, advertising strategies and making deals correctly to always come out a winner. You'll also learn various techniques to handle business situations such as when to use emotions and when to avoid it, judging customers, taking risks, and communicating with employees.

Les Gold shares lessons of 55 years of experience with his readers in this book and dealing with over 250 customers every hour.

I searched but could not find any negative feedback from people that bought this book. Therefore, I can only recommend getting this book for insights and ideas regarding business, especially if you work in a similar profession such as a pawnshop or retail store.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Les Gold For What It's Worth Launch

I'm a business enthusiast who take profound interest in any books or training programs put out by experience and successful business people from anywhere in the world.

We've seen the launches of many books based on the business experiences and ideas of many successful entrepreneurs including Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson.

Many of these books were worth reading because they shared a wealth of information about these entrepreneurs methods and strategies they used to create and run their businesses and become successful and extremely wealthy. These would have been very useful information for people in business or people interested in starting a business who want to reach high levels of success.

American pawnbroker Les Gold may not be a big name like Donald Trump or Richard Branson, but he is very successful in his area of business which is running a pawnshop in Detroit name American Jewelry and Loan.  Les Gold is also the star of the hit reality TV show Hardcore Pawn. And he is launching a book titled "For What It's Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker" to share his experience and knowledge.

Why Is Les Gold's For What It's Worth Book Interesting?

Running a pawnshop is no easy business undertaking. You have to be both tough and smart to survive in an area of business like this, and even more get rich from it. Les Gold has been a pawnbroker for many years and he also became very successful from doing it - that's the reason his book is interesting and worth reading.

As a third-generation pawnbroker, Les Gold grew up in the business, dealing with all types of customers who could be unruly and violent as often as they were friendly. He became good at selling just about anything and at buying items for what they were worth. Although he started at his family's small pawnshop, he has now expanded into a fifty-thousand-square-foot former bowling alley, making a thousand deals a day.

On any given day, Les could be taking a vintage car in to pawn or chasing down a thief who,s just stolen a gold chain from the store. No business school in the world can teach you as much about being a smart and tough business person than someone who had that type of experience.

What You'll learn From Les Gold's For What It's Worth Book

In  the "For What It's Worth" book, Les Gold takes you inside some of his weirdest, wackiest deals and steals during his time in business. From the monkey his dad once took in to pawn to the deal Gold made for a stripper pole, he has no boundaries for what he considers to be part of his business, that's why it should be a great read.

You'll Learn:

How to tell an emotional story when you're selling—and take emotion out of the transaction when you're buying
Why judging your customers before you know them can kill a potential deal
How to deal with risk, both mental and physical
How to communicate with employees, even your family members
Why investing in relationships with your community is time well spent
Why your business should never be limited by what others tell you it should be

No place in the world prepares you better for the working world than a pawnshop, and Les Gold takes you inside his shop to share what hes learned from fifty-five years in the most interesting job in the world.

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